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Open Call: Time and Nightlife


Open Call of the Local and Regional Governments TIME Network published.

»As we embark on a new chapter of our local and regional agenda, we are excited to announce the new topic “Time and Nightlife” for our upcoming publication. Unlike conventional perspectives on night leisure, we propose as usual a holistic approach, aiming to explore how cities can foster better, more equal, healthier, and sustainable urban environments through effective time policies for night activities. We invite your contributions to shed light on various aspects of nighttime policies. «

Suggested areas are:

1. Night Life Governance:

Share insights on existing governance structures dedicated to regulating night activities in your cities or regions. Do you have a person/office dedicated to regulating night activities in your city? 

2. Rest for Neighbors:

Has your city explored policies aimed at facilitating rest? Such as regulations on transport hours, optimized public lighting schedules, and enhanced public cleaning schedules that may not disturb sleeping hours.

3. Shift Jobs Schedule within Municipal Services:

Have you discussed strategies for improving the schedules of shift jobs within municipal services? Give examples of programmes ensuring a balance between employee well-being and efficient service delivery for shift night workers. 

4. Youth and Cultural Leisure Activities:

Has your city thought about programming initiatives for youth and cultural leisure activities that do not extend into the late hours? How can we foster vibrant cultural scenes while respecting community needs?

5. Mobility Improvements:

Have you examined opportunities for enhancing mobility schedules for both workers and the community during nighttime? Do you have mobility services that aim at covering what needs to be detected during nighttime? 

Projects can be submitted via this link

More about the Local and Regional Governments TIME Network.

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