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articulo #11: urban night


stadtnachacht_articulo_strawArticulo – Journal of Urban Research. Special issue on the »urban night« now online.

Die Zeitschrift Articulo – Journal of Urban Research hat die Ausgabe #11 »Urban Night« online gestellt. Alle 8 englischsprachigen Beiträge können in voller Länge gelesen werden.

»The objective of this issue of Articulo – Journal of Urban Research – is to examine the urban night as an innovative space-time on different scales and in different geographic contexts…«


Luc Gwiazdzinski
Introduction – The Urban Night: a Space Time for Innovation and Sustainable Development [Full text]

Will Straw
Media and the Urban Night [Full text]

»Along with the other materials and rituals of urban life, media have played a role in structuring the transition from day to night in cities. This essay examines a variety of ways in which the appearance and consumption of media have been interwoven with the 24-hour cycle of day and night…«

Mario Boffi, Matteo Colleoni and Manola Del Greco
Night-time Hours and Activities of the Italians [Full text]

Marion Roberts
The Crisis in the UK’s High Streets: can the Evening and Nighttime Economy Help? [Full text]

»..In the academic and commercial reports generated by the recognition that the high street needed to adapt to changing circumstances, a view emerged that the leisure component of high street activity would gain in importance. This article reviews the relationship of the evening and nighttime economy to the high street and considers its potential in reinventing the vitality that is normally associated with these mixed-use urban corridors. The article argues that there is hope in the high street offering a different type of experience to the mainstream forms of entertainment that are consolidating in major town and city centres. It concludes by suggesting that for this to be successful, some public support is necessary.«

Raphaël Pieroni
The Institutionalization of the Night: a Geography of Geneva’s Night Policies [Full text]

Sandra Mallet and CĂ©line Burger
What is the Place of Night-time in the Urban Policy of a French Intermediate City? [Full text]

Samuel Challéat, Dany Lapostolle and Rémi Bénos
Consider the Darkness – From an Environmental and Sociotechnical Controversy to Innovation in Urban Lighting [Full text]

Nicolas Chausson
From Conflict Management to Quality of Life at Night. The First Approach of Lyon Urban Area Nights [Full text]



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