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stadtnachacht_cfp_exploring_nightlifeCall for Papers: Exploring Nightlife: Space, Society and Governance.

The editors from Lisbon and London welcome proposals from across the social sciences, in particular geography, anthropology, urban planning, cultural studies and tourism.

»In recent decades the night-time economy has arisen as both a significant context for economic activity and a key strategy for the regeneration and branding of urban centres. While, in the past, the urban night was often seen as synonymous with sin, immorality and crime, in the post-industrial city it may be seen as a context where individuals exhibit social prestige and distinction. The night-time economy is equally important for the construction and reproduction of youth identities. However, nightscapes are clearly segmented. While alternative/ marginal night spaces might challenge social borders, mainstream night spaces and management strategies can reinforce the social, political and moral order of the neoliberal city through such initiatives as ‚zero-tolerance’ policies.«

Deadline: March 24th

Call for Chapters
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The Anthology will be co-edited by Jordi Nofre and Iñigo Sánchez-Fuarros from the project and Adam Eldridge (University of Westminster).

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